2013 VIDA count: check it out

2013 VIDA count: check it out

“It all starts with words. In an age where a few women wearing balaclavas can rankle a nation’s head with their 30 second “A Punk Prayer,” where a young actress must publicly, into a microphone announce her sexual orientation in a first world country to shine a light on oppression and bullying, where an artist posts portraits of her unapologetically unsmiling self, boldly denying objectification, where women with calculators and a year’s supply of journals and magazines can provoke angry words of dismissal (see Peter Stothard in reply, “The TLS is only interested in getting the best reviews of the most important books,” and “while women are heavy readers, we know they are heavy readers of the kind of fiction that is not likely to be reviewed in the pages of the TLS.”), we are still learning the power of our voices and the necessity of sustained practice. We hear that old habits die-hard. So does the perpetuation of “boy’s club” editorial practices, presumably made palatable with a dash of tokenism thrown in to appease. But those pies are starting to taste bitter with their missing ingredients and their lies by omission.”

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